Mobile browser friendly.

Demo of website on iPhone 4

Both of our ‘off the shelf’ website designs are mobile device friendly ‘out of the box’.

Mobile browsers now account for nearly 5% of all web traffic and when your new customers come looking for you, there is a good chance it will be on their mobile phone!

Make sure your site looks great on mobile browsers and more importantly ... it’s readable!

Click the image on the left to see a bigger version ... and in case you want this effect on your own images, it’s included.


Everything you see listed in this sample website is included in the £99 price.

  • The changing header banner.
  • The 'lightbox' image pop-up.
  • The rotating text/image effect.
  • The custom fonts.
  • The rotating sidebar content.
  • The additional mobile friendly layout.

The only additions are UK VAT at current rate and Hosting and Management of your site.

The cost for hosting and management of a Small Business Website is £99 (+VAT) per year. (paid quarterly for the first year, annually thereafter).

So, what do you get for your money?

  • Server space - All your server space and download bandwith. No extra hidden charges.
  • Unlimited support and updates - Periodic changes to text, images and other content. Not re-writes of your site or significant changes but minor alterations or updates are free.
  • Domain renewal - as long as you are covered by our hosting and management package we will renew your domain whenever it becomes due.
  • Email - Changes to your email accounts if employees leave or start, or job titles change.
  • Security - Your site will be hosted on a server with a 40GBit connection and three system backup process which ensures 99.99% uptime.
  • SEO - Regular (monthly) submission to all the major search engines to get you listed and indexed.
  • SEO - Changes and updates to your page titles, descriptions, meta-tags and narrative content based on findings from your analytics.

We believe this is the best way for new and small Companies to budget. You know the up front price for the FULL package for the whole year.

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